Friday, November 2, 2007

Gmail Adds "Delete" Keyboard Shortcut

Today my GMail account was upgraded to the new interface. The contacts management interface has been improved, but that's not what I'm excited about.

On a whim, I decided to review the keyboard shortcuts found at Guess what? Google has added "#" as a keyboard shortcut for "delete". YAY! They've also added a bunch of other keyboard shortcuts I haven't seen before: mark as (un)read, archive and previous/next, and undo.

As a die-hard keyboarder, the lack of a "delete" shortcut has been most annoying. I've been waiting for this ever since GMail launched.

Thanks, Google.


Mariya said...

This is indeed something that I can imagine you waving your hands over in excitement. ;)

Jim Menard said...

A few days after posting this, I learned that the "delete" shortcut had been introduced a while ago, along with a number of other useful shortcuts. Proof that re-RTFM occasionally is useful.